Why I Chose Smartly

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Given everything that you know about me, are you surprised that I decided to work towards obtaining an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree?

Since I already launched my small business, some people might consider my decision to be counterproductive due to the extensive time and financial investments towards pursuing additional education; and I agree with their assessment. Therefore, in order to address the above concerns, I chose to attend the Smartly EMBA program.

What is Smartly

Instead of teaching at a brick-and-mortar school, Smartly provides its business education online. Although Smartly accepted me into the EMBA cohort, Smartly also offers the MBA program, the fundamentals in business certificate, and executive certificates.

The Objections

As I was debating about whether or not to apply to Smartly, I noticed quite a few objections to the e-learning company.

“The worthiness and credibility of such an ‘MBA’ is very low.”

“Will employers view it the same? Heck no.”

“It’s not even accredited. …I highly doubt it’ll help you with any form of career change.”

 My Decision

Although I cannot argue against some of the concerns about Smartly, I still concluded to attend the online EMBA program for the following reasons:

  • My situation is different. Some prospective students would like the MBA degree to help them obtain executive and C-suite positions with employers, who greatly value the accredited and brick-and-mortar business education. I, on the other hand, am different from the aforementioned students because I am already the founder of my own business. As a result, I do not need the traditional MBA experience. All I want is an MBA degree that will provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure my business’s future success.

  •  I would like to minimize my costs. As a pharmacist with student loans, I prefer to not accumulate additional debt; but unfortunately, obtaining an MBA degree - in the usual classroom environment - can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Smartly is able to provide a business education at little to no cost.

  •   I require a flexible degree program. As a new entrepreneur, time is of the essence; and I cannot afford to dedicate copious amount of time to have a business education inside of classrooms. With Smartly, however, I will be able to complete weekly modules, projects, and exams at my own time and at my fingertips through my choice of a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

To Be Continued…

As you can deduce, Smartly is innovatively disrupting the provision of traditional education; and therefore, the e-learning start-up is creating a lot of controversy. Since I decided to participate in the unique twelve-month EMBA program, I intend to give you my thoughts and experience through a series of future blog posts as I complete each core and specialized concentration. So, stay tuned!


Ross is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin - College of Pharmacy. She is also the Off Script Consults founder with years of experience as a board certified independent pharmacist, who strives to improve the quality of life and financial outcomes of patients and their caring providers through the delivery of enhanced pharmacy services, such as interpreting genetics testing results and assisting providers in achieving star ratings that aim to improve patient outcomes.

Ross currently resides in the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband and two dogs. When she is not personalizing medication regimens, Ross enjoys reading and writing.  She also loves to paint, hike, rock-climb, and travel.

Find out more about Ross by scheduling an appointment via phone or connecting with her through social media (LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest) and website.