My Mission:

Your Advocate.

Thinking outside the pillbox

Every day, you devote time to improve your health.

Shouldn't you have an Off Script consultant pharmacist as your advocate, who thinks outside the pillbox:

> To help you save money on your medication needs

> To coordinate communication with all your doctors

> To help you achieve your health goals


Save money

Taking costly medications?

After a medication review, an Off Script consultant pharmacist can coordinate communication with all your doctors and help you save money!

> Take less expensive but equally effective medications

> Take less medications

> Reduce the number of trial-and-error prescriptions to find the best medication for you

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Have peace of mind

You are unique; so, why are you taking the same medications like everybody else?

Off Script is offering CLIA-certified genetics testing, which might increase the likelihood of a chosen medicine helping you feel better!

> Understand your body's response to different prescriptions

> Increase your awareness of the best possible medications and doses for you

> Limit side effects and interactions

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Be naturally healthy

Taking natural medications to stay healthy?

A dedicated appointment with an Off Script consultant pharmacist can help you determine which natural, herbal, supplemental, and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are best for you!

> Find the right natural medicine and dose for your health goals

> Supplement with vitamins that are deficient due to certain prescriptions

> Avoid natural medications that interact with your prescriptions

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Save time

Is traveling to see the pharmacist not always convenient?

With the Off Script Consults HIPAA-compliant app, you have the option of virtually communicating with your pharmacist!

> Secure messaging

> Secure sharing of attachments (i.e. forms and photos)

> Secure video chats


Finally, There is a superior way to achieve your health goals.

Don't you deserve the best?