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Thinking outside the pillbox

Every day, you devote time to improve your practice.

Shouldn't you have an Off Script consultant pharmacist as your partner, who thinks outside the pillbox:

> To help you achieve your financial goals

> To help you focus on your top priorities

> To help you improve continuity of care for your patients

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Increase revenue

Insurance negatively affecting your bottom line?

Partnering with an Off Script consultant pharmacist can help increase your profit margin!

> Enhance your ability to meet insurance requirements, such as star ratings

> Improve your insurance reimbursement and performance-based payment

> Provide unique and high-quality services that your interested patients requested

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Save time

Need more time in your busy schedule?

Collaborating with an Off Script consultant pharmacist can help you focus on your top priorities!

> Have an accurate and thorough medication reconciliation completed by the pharmacist before your visits with patients

> Let your pharmacist worry about complicated insurance issues and interpretation of genetic results

> Enjoy the convenient and flexible option of virtually meeting with your pharmacist to securely discuss about patient care

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Improve patient outcomes

Want to improve patient care?

Having an Off Script consultant pharmacist as your healthcare team member can result in enhanced clinical outcomes for your patients!

> Decrease hospital readmission rates

> Increase patients' medication knowledge

> Prevent medication-related adverse events

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Hospital Readmissions are Preventable

With pharmacist intervention, composite ED & readmission can decrease by 36%



Patients are knowledgable about the indication for their new medications upon discharge

More worrisome, only 12% of patients are aware about potential medication adverse events upon discharge



Adverse events experienced within 35-days post discharge are medication-related

Past studies demonstrated an incidence reduction of adverse drug events with pharmacist involvement

Data referenced from Phatak A et al. J Hosp Med. 2016;11(1):39-44.

finally, there is a better way to improve your practice.

Don't you deserve the best?